1MG Coupon Codes

All 1MG Promo Codes, Discounts & Deals - September 2020

All 1MG Promo Codes, Discounts & Deals - September 2020

Flat 18% OFF for Prescription Medicines Purchases

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1MG: Get up to 50% OFF on OTC/health Products deal

Get up to 50% OFF on OTC/health Products

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Get up to 50% OFF on Sanitizers, Masks & Thermometers

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Get up to 50% OFF on Daily Essentials

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About 1MG Offers

A new innovative manner to Health care

1MG is owned and managed by Bright Lifecare Private Limited. The co-founders of 1MG are Prashant Tandon and Sameer Maheshwari, and their aim in devising this online system was to help you to manage your health effectively.

Take control of your health

With the depth of information they have, they wish to endow you with the knowledge to recognize the medication you are prescribed or that you administer to your loved ones. Armed with these facts consumers can then become empowered and take control of their health issues instead of living in fear of health problems.

Benefits that you can reap from using the 1mg.com platform are comprehensive. You can:

  1. Search for medicines
  2. Communicate with others with similar problems
  3. Book diagnostic tests
  4. Order medication
  5. Locate the best doctors

1MG’s continuous idea improvements are phenomenal

They have created a new undertaking where the advantages to you are astronomical. Two new ventures have been launched to enable you to facilitate your health care smoothly.

  • The Medicine Reminder App - a reminder you to take your medicine timeously
  • Dr by 1MG – to help you locate the best doctors in your vicinity so that in an emergency you are organized

Medication made available

1MG is a considered a medium of access to health care, and with this in mind they also provide you with a list of generic (a substitute medication that generally performs the same function but are cheaper to buy)medication which you can verify with your doctor. This helps you to enjoy a cost effective method to managing your medical bills instead of spending large amounts on medication for the brand names.

Enormous savings with 1MG Coupons!

  • CouponCode.in is a user friendly website where you can locate the 1MG Coupon Code you require to utilize for your purchases
  • Click ‘view coupon code’
  • You will be directed to the web page where you can use the 1MG Coupon
  • Copy the 1MG Coupon Code that fits your present shopping wants
  • Enter the 1MG Coupon into appropriate field at the online store, and you will immediately and automatically have it redeemed

Another wonderful aspect of 1MG is the employment opportunities offered

They are hiring and if you looking for employment with a fast developing organization then you should apply. There are various positions available like:

  1. VP Engineering
  2. VP Marketing
  3. Architects
  4. Server side
  5. Android
  6. Product manager
  7. Designer

1 MG’s cancellation and returns policy

Your order can be cancelled prior to it being shipped but once shipped cannot be cancelled. Returns of the medicine are accepted if the medication is incorrect or if it is past its expiry date but it’s a good idea to check all deliveries upon receipt.

Look for them on the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

Our contact details and operating hours, should you wish to order or mail your prescriptions, are:

  • Telephone : 0124-416 6666
  • Email : order@1mg.com

Should you require support, feedback or have any other questions send email to:

Email : care@1mg.com

To apply for any position, write to them on:

Email : jobs@1mg.com

1MG Reviews

out of 5 customer reviews

About 1MG Coupons
1 MG was originally known as Healthkartplus and was first launched in 2013. Healthcare has become a primary issue for many of us and with this in mind we are searching for ways to achieve and understand our health. 1 MG’s task is to make health care available, inexpensive and most importantly understandable to you.
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